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The LAW REGARDING CONFIRMATION OF THE APPROVAL OF AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE TURKISH REPUBLIC GOVERNMENT AND THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION GOVERNMENT WITH REGARD TO ORGANIZING INTERNATIONAL MISCELLANEOUS FREIGHT WITH RAILWAY FERRY VIA THE SAMSUN PORT (TURKISH REPUBLIC) AND THE KAVKAZ PORT (RUSSIAN FEDERATION) as signed by the ministers of transportation of the two countries during the visit of Medvedev, the President of Russia in Turkey was approved in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and took into effect, and was announced on the official gazette on 28.03.2011.

The project highlighted by Upm persistently since the year of 2005 thus became legal.

UPM built a hydraulic ramp with 5 railway lines for receiving the Wagon ferries on a 24,000 m2 land within the Port Area of Samsun. About 10,000 meters long rail was installed where Russian and Turkish railways intersected, and 186 meters piled jetty was built in order for the ships to approach.

UPM made a huge investment including junction lines where in-site wagon to wagon and truck to wagon transfers can be made, station ways with 200 wagon capacity, combined Turkish-Russian junction switches, bogy replacement system enabling switching of bogies in order for the Russian wagons to use the Turkish railway lines, as well as locomotives, and put it into service for Turkish exporters.

Providing loading, unloading, shunting and bogie replacement services under control of the Turkish State Railways, UPM has the infrastructure to provide turnkey service to its clients from the point of departure to the destination point.

Shaped via official international agreements, the line is based on a constitution of 5 years history of meticulous work.

All freights are conducted under full supervision of the state railways of both countries from beginning to end. The customers conducting freight on this line have legal assurance. The wagon arrives Samsun via railway with Turkish State Railways transportation certificate, and then boards the wagon roro with marine bill of lading, disembarks on the Kavkaz Port after one and a half day whereupon the Russian Railway bill of lading SMGS is issued, and moves to the final destination with Russian railways.

It is possible to arrive main points such as Samsun – Almaty – Tashkent – Bishkek via this line in a freight term of about 15 days. For sure the freight fee is highly favorable compared to other alternatives. In particular shipping from Anatolia provides maximum benefit in terms of both price and duration.