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Railway transportation: 

Countries where we deliver export, import, transit railway conventional wagon transportation:


Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

The most appropriate routes and wagons are determined according to the starting and destination stations, type and quantity of goods. The most reasonable rate of freight is established.

The goods NHM code is very important in terms of establishing the freight rate. Tariffs are established according to the NHM code in the European and Middle Eastern countries, and according to the ETSNG code, which is a classified type of NHM, in the CIS countries.

In case miscellaneous goods are loaded in the wagon, the tariff system applied in the Europe and the Middle Eastern countries is different from that used in the CIS countries. Goods are classified as 1st Class and 2nd Class according to their NHM codes in many European countries including Turkey as well as the Middle Eastern countries. 2nd Class is subject to a cheaper freight rate compared to the 1st Class. The rate is calculated based on 1st Class if there are both 1st Class and 2nd Class goods in a wagon.

Tariffs determined according to the ETSNG code in the CIS countries make calculation of price difficult in the case of miscellaneous cargo. Unit price tariff and coefficients are established according to the ETSNG codes, and calculation is made accordingly. We need to know the ETSNG code of each type of goods to be loaded in the wagon as well as the gross weight of each in order to determine price. Price may change depending on the variation of type of goods as well as variation of gross weights in the wagon.

Export wagon freight from Turkey to CIS countries and other Middle Asian countries:

Freight with Wagon to Wagon transfer:

1- From Moldova Ungeny Station

TCDD wagons loaded in any station in Turkey are dispatched via Kapikule border and Bulgaria – Romania to Ungeny / Moldova station. Here transfer is made under supervision of our authorized agents and railway and customs officials to wagons of Moldova and other CIS countries or special wagons. Following the transit customs and shipping transactions, the transferred wagons are sent to CIS and other Middle Asian countries via the Moldova and Ukraine route.

2- From Iran

TCDD wagons loaded in any station in Turkey are sent via the Kapıköy border to Sahlan or Tebriz station in Iran. The wagons are carried across the Van lake via railway ferry. Transfer is made in Iran to the wagons of CIS countries brought in advance under the supervision of our authorized agents as well as railway and customs officials. Following transit, customs and shipping transactions, transferred wagons are shipped, their axles are switched in Saraks in the Iran – Turkmenistan border, and are dispatched to the CIS and other Middle Asian countries.

Freight without wagon to wagon transfer:

1- From the Samsun Port

Transportation is made with Russian wagons from the Samsun Port and Terminal Station, where UPM has completed its construction works, to the Russian Port of Kavkaz, and from there to all CIS countries via the shortest route. It is possible to bring the Russian wagons to any station in Turkey and to make freight without transfer.

2- From the Varna Port in Bulgaria

MPS wagons of CIS countries brought from the Ilıchevsk port of Ukraine to Varna in Bulgaria via wagon ferry can be brought until the Halkalı station in Turkey. Brought via purchase order, the wagons are loaded in Halkalı and are dispatched via Kapıkule-Varna-Ilichevsk from whence it came to CIS and other Middle Asian countries. The axles of MPS wagons of Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries are replaced in the axle switching terminal in Varna. A wagon loaded in Halkalı can go as far as to Almaty without transfer of cargo.

3- From Derince Port

Special or MPS wagons of CIS countries, brought in empty condition via ferry depending on the purchase order, carrying between Ukraine, Ilichevsk Port and Derince Port are loaded in Derince and are then sent via the same route to CIS countries and other Middle Asian countries.

It is also possible to conduct import and transit carriage from the routes mentioned above.

Import – export wagon freights between Turkey and European countries:

UPM organizes freights using special or state railway wagons in the departure countries.

2 and 4 axle wagons may come in different sizes and capacity. Wagons are determined according to type of goods, packaging and quantity.

Railway freight particularly to Eastern Europe and Balkan countries as well as the Middle European countries which are not close to the sea is a very reasonable choice.

Import – export wagon freights between Turkey and Middle Eastern countries:

It is possible to freight by rail to Iran, Syria and Iraq. Particularly the recent years have seen an increase in the rail wagon shipping to these areas.

Wagon freight between European and Asian countries:

UPM organizes wagon freight from European countries to Asian countries, in particular to CIS countries. By means of its affiliate companies specialized in their areas as well as its agencies, it is possible to make transfer from European wagons to CIS countries wagons via Chop / Ukraine, Brest / Belarus, Ungeny / Moldova, Varna Ferry / Bulgaria, Sahlan, Tebriz and Saraks / Iran, and load the goods brought via ships from the Ilichevsk Port / Ukraine, Novorossisk Port / Russia and Poti Port / Georgia to CIS wagons and freight to CIS countries.

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